Revisiting parts of my past (Former Prisoner) internment at camp B (40- 41). An excellent and well organized and instructional museum of our recent past
Hans Reichenfeld Ottawa
NB Thrilled to see all the artifacts! Marvelous!
Len & Rosalie Ferber, Chipman, NB
Such an interesting place! What an amazing experience. Full of history and living memories.
Hailey McWilliam, Vancouver, BC
It is a very important part of Canadian history we must not forget.
John Tzupa, Saskatchewan
A rich history that all young people should experience!
Yasemin Ugursal Nova Scotia
A magical place, many great stories.
Vera Granikor Montreal, QC
Thank you so much for creating this opportunity to remember this unknown part of Canadian history! Great stories, interesting artifacts, incredible model.
BJ McCarville Prince Edward Island
Outstanding! The best tour I've had in years.
Henrey & Florence Friesen Fredericton, NB
An incredible display of our past and the sufferings of others.
Keith Ashfield Lincoln, NB
Interesting - didn't know a camp was in New Brunswick.
Victoria & Carl Smith Lincoln, NB
Very good. I expect to come back one day.
Ella Cosman Ontario
Great!!! Well organized and very interesting!
Erica Tompkins New Brunswick
Fantastic Presentation
Jeremy M'Laughlin New Brunswick
Very interesting to learn the historical background of Minto!
Jennifer Archibald Halifax, NS
Thanks, I now know plenty about the internment camp.
Hugh & Catherine Kearney Vancouver, BC
We should all know this history of New Brunswick
Donna Hemphill Woodstock, NB
A lot better than I thought it would be.
Lola Brown Toronto, ON
Would love to come back! Really amazing!
Albert & Lillian Carlisle Rexton, NB
Wow - I learned so much. Thanks for the great tour
Michelle Ruigrok Saint John, NB
Very interesting! Worth it!
Nikki Dube USA
Just fantastic! Very impressive!
Pierre Bernard Mt-St-Hilaire, QC
Very interesting and well documented. Excellent guided tour.
Jasper and Heather Carr Stanley, N.B.
Quite the collection
Montanna Plourdg B.C
Very important part of the war
Jake Doe Darnie, Ontario
2nd visit thank you for a wonderful display - a lot of hard work done.
Lloyd Vail Homer, New York, USA
Awesome, more info than I thought!
Jeremy Hatt Fredericton, NB
Being a former employee of the YSM, I loved this!
Caitlin Johnson Fredericton, NB Great!
Very impressive! Unbelievable work and care was obviously taken!
Dominic Leach Fredericton, NB
Very informative Sigurdson display. Great tour by Mr. Carney. Thanks.
Richard & Ann Calgary, AB
Father served here in WWII.
John Jagoe Ontario
Father served as a guard from '41-'45.
Gerald Pitre Collette
Extremely interesting, thoroughly enjoyed what we learned.
Dave & Jean Tennant Ontario